Imaging and Deployment Solutions

CREST is a national leader in the management and execution of large technology imaging and deployment projects in education and corporations. Driven by 22 years of expertise, we can deliver on projects of any size or scope.

The services we provide include:

Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage

CREST maintains secure, temperature-controlled facilities across the country.  These specialized locations allow for secure access and protection of the critical investment in your equipment.

Image Creation and Deployment

Whatever your platform, CREST provides an experienced process to manage and execute image creation and approval, and to deploy your systems on time and within budget.

Customized Asset Identification

CREST offers a myriad of options for asset identification, including standard and custom asset tagging, ID plates, and etching services.  Our processes ensure your ID tags are approved and secured onto your products according to your exact specifications.

Etching Services

CREST provides custom etching for most any device. Etching can consist of customized text or a full school or corporate logo.

Security Solutions

CREST provides access to an online database tracking system, which allows for the monitoring of all phases of our deployment process. From the receipt of your assets, through all phases of your project, all aspects of your equipment processing are completely traceable.

DOA Resolution Management

CREST provides a process to manage defective units that are received in an inoperable state from the manufacturer. Our service technicians will determine and process any DOA unit to allow for a quick return.

Asset Reporting

CREST maintains specialized online databases for all equipment processed through our facilities, allowing you an immediate asset report generation system during any phase of your deployment.

Project Management

CREST understands all projects are unique and require incredible attention to detail.  Our in-house and field staff have a vast knowledge of managing projects of all sizes and varieties.  Leveraging a diversified set of knowledge and expertise, our staff is able to handle  projects of any size.

Customized transportation solutions

CREST believes in the importance of the time receipt and processing of your products. We go the extra mile by providing specialized transportation according to your project needs and location requirements, ensuring all deadlines are met, no matter where your sites are located throughout the country.