Meet Our Team

Management Team

Matt Mecum – President

Matt has been a long-time leader in the professional technology services and marketing event industries, developing a portfolio of clients that includes such major companies as Apple and HP. At CREST, Matt’s vision drives a dedication and commitment to uncompromising ethics, quality, service, and client profitability. In addition to his time at the company, Matt is a civic leader who has been elected and appointed to multiple public offices, and has organized a myriad of charitable events for the local Lions Club and Firefighters Association.

Judy Young – Director of Account Management and Operations

For over 30 years, Judy has managed the technical implementation of tradeshows and events for major Fortune 500 companies. This includes responsibilities for technical budgeting, preplanning, hardware/software acquisition, power and network design, and overall technical implementation of multi-million dollar events. Additionally, Judy has managed the deployment of tens of thousands of computer and mobile devices into school districts throughout the country. Before coming to CREST, Judy worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, as the technical manager of the Digital Tradeshows and Event Organization.

Kyle Sydow – Director of Operations

Kyle has been with CREST for several years and has served in a variety of ways, from working trade shows, to being an integral part of Apple computer deployments more recently. He has worked directly with many school districts across the country, and he takes great pride in what he does. He has attained multiple degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, and Computer Science. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, boating, and hiking in the woods with his dog. Kyle is also a walking sports encyclopedia and writes for multiple web sites covering college basketball.

Greg Nelson – Director of Technology

Greg is a seasoned engineer with over 15 years of experience in IT support. He has been working at CREST for six years. Greg excels in customer relations and technical project management. In 2008, he was recognized as one of the top four Apple integrators in the United States. He has worked in school districts all over the country, specializing in the design and implementation of large Active Directory integrations. In 2005, Greg was also responsible for the design and implementation of systems used to image and configure 30,000 laptops in 1500 wireless mobile carts in record time for the Broward County School computer refresh project. In his free time, Greg enjoys deep-sea fishing, bike riding, and bringing his dog to the park.

Account & Project Managers

Darlene Holman

Darlene works on the support side for client tradeshows and events, performing equipment management functions and professional services. She has provided multivendor-platform on-site technical consulting for over ten of the past sixteen years she has worked at CREST Technologies. Joining the IT field at Digital Equipment Corporation in 1977, she held customer services, software and networking support-related positions. Darlene has been in the Tradeshow and Event business for over twenty years.

Jennifer Baird

Jennifer’s background includes sales, event management, and operations, most of which has been in the technology sector. She holds a PMP Certification and has been a Project Manager at CREST for the past 2 years, focusing on Apple deployments. Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Texas, with a degree in Business Administration.

Our Technical Team

David Cooley 

David supported his first event working at Compaq in 1998 and has been on the road ever since. After 7 years at HP, he moved to CREST in 2003, focusing on the planning and support of corporate events and technical implementations. An avid technology enthusiast, David has been involved with computers for over 30 years since his first, a TI-99/4A (with cassette drive!!).

Bruno Dutra

Bruno has over 20 years of experience in the IT Support Service. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Electronics and is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Originally from Brazil, Bruno has traveled the world working on events for the top U.S. computer manufacturers and dreams of one day to be a part of an intergalactic computer trade show.

Brian Fries

Brian has a BS in Computer Science and over three decades of software development experience. He has built applications, plug-ins, system extensions, mainframe databases, web servers, drivers, and more on nearly every class of computer released since 1978. After working in the grocery and newspaper industries, Brian spent nine years as an independent consultant before being brought in full time by his largest client, for whom he was building and supporting the web-based systems and that are central to the management of CREST’s business today.

Brian Jarl

Brian brings 19 years of hands-on technical experience and project management to CREST. In the years prior to joining the company, he successfully managed the completion of multi-million dollar projects for major corporations, including GE, UPS, and IBM. Brian’s education includes a BS in Business Economics, a Project Management Certification and is Six Sigma trained. Brian is possibly  the only member of the company who can both dunk a basketball and throw a 90-mph fastball.